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Independence day of our country India ❤️

The strength of the Indian Flag pictorially depicted by the picture of the woman.

Today our country India celebrates the 73rd Independence Day .

We were under British rule till 1947 but then our great leaders changed the Indian slavery to Indian freedom .

My picture today is not only about my colours and art or even my mood . It is about how I feel about my country . In my country women have always been pushed aside of men to serve them as their lords . In every household in this beautiful country there is a woman who is discriminated from their husbands or brothers. In some societies women are considered objects . No offence towards any man but being a girl (a teen) it is difficult for me to digest or maybe live in the patriarchal society . We worship goddesses . We have women police. They give us protection from the worst . We have highly qualified scientists . We have boxers, cricket players, footballers and in every other profession a woman succeeds . Whereas somewhere they are doomed . Our independence day has not yet arrived . Women aren’t safe these days in our society .

The lady in my artwork wears a veil that has the colours of our indian flag which depicts that she is the strength of the country . A mother gives birth to leaders . She leads the leaders . My lady leads the country we live in and also she signifies the different cultures of our India as a whole . That’s the power , that’s the strength.

She provides peace, she can lead any society, she teaches us humanity and love . ❤️

Have a wonderful day ahead . Bless our country . Bless it to bloom . ❤️🌞

11th August 2k19 was the Silver Jubilee Day for my cousin sister .

My cousin sister turned 25 today . We live in a joint family . My own sister lives out of town and my older cousin lives in her husband’s house . So I and one of my cousin sister were the only ones in the house in our generation .

She is having the same issues I have and we could talk for hours . I gifted her a pen sketch portraying both of us .

This is how it looks :

We were having an event at our house where we took a selfie . ❤️

Water Colour Portraits started as a fear but ended in a life changing manner .

Talking about painting or sketching anything , it only depends on how your surrounding is . Being a teenager it is difficult to cope up with the competition and with the discriminations going on around the world . How do people express those things?

For me it is in this way :

My life took a turn after my high school graduation but it ended up not in a bad side though .

When I was alone and sad and rough with aggression along with tears on my face I had to take it out . Any person any human being should .

Otherwise they’ll die .

How to do that?

Through their talents .

I did that in this way .

Please take a look

This is how expressions came out of depression .

Now talking about my second painting.. yes it too is in water colour .

I felt I wasn’t caring about the world . No one should . A child or even a grown up should be carefree and should not think of what others think about them even if they couldn’t stand up to their own expectations .

This is how it came out of me :

The independent girl being carefree about the society .

The next one was when I felt I stand alone . For the people who stand stern but alone forever in life . They are the strongest but they do need people . But being alone isn’t bad it is beautiful as ever . Maybe my paintings don’t depict how beautiful it can be but some ideas do reflect out of them .

Here is the next one : .

Animals don’t feel alone they live as they are beautiful .

The carefree people can be the best ones only if they inherit another quality maybe that’s my opinion .

The quality is independence and flexibility to cope up with any situation without thinking about the world .

I study a subject not studied by the mass . I know people who took the “Road Not Taken” but if they and I myself can be flexible to any situation and be carefree and independent we can easily pass any kind of hurdles . Being underwater but still breathing in the most beautiful way is how I think .

So here is what it goes with my thought:

The Road which isn’t taken by many but is surely a blessing by god .

Atlast I would like to depict the beauty of the dark .

The stars that wouldn’t glow without darkness .

Here is what I have in my box .

The Less Loved by the Mass are beautiful as ever like the dark which helps the brightest to glow more .

Thank you ❤️

When my erasor became my all time enemy and the art works continued without them .

My favourite neighbour as well as my best friend.
Bengal’s favourite thing is the Durga Puja thing . And when you get your mates for pandal hopping they be your bestest ones
The friend a person aspires for in his/her life .
You need to confidently love yourself wherever the circumstances bring you in .
The woman who inspires and aspires . The woman upon whom everyone should look up to .
The athlete who runs her own world .